Riders with a current AVCC licence may now race any event with any club without paying an extra fee. 

NOTE – as of Jan 2021, Adelaide Hills Cycling Club will no longer be affiliated to AVCC as they have moved to AusCycling


january 2020

05jan9:30 am12:30 pmClub 2 Stage Race - 2 lap GSR & 1 lap TT

february 2020

02feb8:30 am12:30 pmEblens Sprint Series Race #1

09feb8:30 am12:30 pmEblens Sprint Series Race #2

16feb8:30 am12:30 pmEblens Sprint Series Race #3

march 2020

01mar8:30 am12:30 pmClub GSR

08mar8:30 am12:30 pmClub GSR

15mar8:30 am12:30 pmClub GSR

april 2020

12apr8:30 am12:30 pmClub ITT

19apr9:00 am12:30 pmKOM GSR #2

26apr9:00 am12:30 pmClub GSR

may 2020

10may8:30 am12:00 amCombined Mother's Day Handicap (AH & SD)

june 2020

07jun8:30 am12:30 pmClub GSR

14jun8:30 am12:30 pmClub GSR

28jun8:30 am12:30 pm2 Up Time Trial

july 2020

12jul8:30 am12:30 pmClub Handicap

12jul9:00 am12:30 pmKOM GSR #1

19jul9:30 am12:30 pmSAMCA PointsALL CLUBS EVENT (SVCC)

26jul8:30 am12:30 pmClub GSR

august 2020

02aug8:30 am12:30 pmClub GSR

09aug9:00 am12:30 pmKOM GSR #3 - Invitation

09aug9:30 am12:30 pm40 km ITT

23aug8:30 am12:30 pmClub GSR

30aug8:30 am12:30 pmClub GSR

30aug9:30 am12:30 amSAMCA PointsState TT Championship 2020Hosted by Southern Districts Veteran and Ladies Cycling Club (SDVLCC)

september 2020

06sep9:30 am12:30 pmFather's Day GSR - AHMCC invited

october 2020

04oct9:30 am12:30 pmClub Road Race Championships

18oct8:30 am12:30 pmClub GSR

25oct8:30 am12:30 pmClub GSR

november 2020

08nov9:30 am12:30 pmClub GSR

15nov9:30 am12:30 pmClub AGM One Division Handicap

22nov9:30 am12:30 pmClub GC Series #1

29nov9:30 am12:30 pmClub GC Series #2

december 2020

06dec9:00 am12:30 pmTwin Peaks Paz Russo Memorial

13dec9:30 am12:30 pmClub Presentation Day Handicap


january 2020

08jan5:55 pm7:30 pmCriteriums 2019/20 Season GradesGrades Criterium (A-F)

08jan5:55 pm8:00 pmCriteriums 2019/20 Season TeamsTeams Criterium

12jan8:00 am12:30 pmSAMCA PointsState Criterium Championships 2020

15jan5:55 pm7:30 pmCriteriums 2019/20 Season GradesGrades Criterium (A-F)

22jan5:55 pm7:30 pmCriteriums 2019/20 Season GradesGrades Criterium (A-F)

29jan5:55 pm7:30 pmCriteriums 2019/20 Season GradesGrades Criterium (A-F)

february 2020

02feb9:00 am12:00 amRay Thompson MHC

09feb9:00 am12:00 amInvitation with AHMCC

16feb9:00 am12:00 amClub GSR

march 2020

08mar9:00 am12:00 amB Doeke Handicap

29mar9:00 am12:00 amFounders Day Races

april 2020

19apr9:00 am12:00 amDerek Stanley Handicap

26apr9:00 am12:00 amClub GSR

may 2020

24may9:00 am12:00 amClub ITT Championships

june 2020

14jun9:00 am12:00 amClub GSR

july 2020

05jul9:00 am12:00 amRon Whitehorn Handicap

august 2020

30aug9:00 am12:00 amF Spears Handicap

september 2020

20sep9:00 am12:00 amClub Criterium

27sep9:00 am12:00 amRichard Hicks Handicap

october 2020

18oct9:00 am12:00 amBruce Shard MHC

november 2020

01nov9:30 am12:30 pmSAMCA PointsDavid RootesHosted by Veteran & Ladies Cycling Club ( VLCC )

08nov9:00 am12:00 amJack Conyer AGM

22nov9:00 am12:00 amSteve Kinder Scratch Races

29nov9:00 am12:00 amBill Cotton Handicap

december 2020

13dec9:00 am12:00 amXmas Handicap