Q – How do I start racing?

ANSWER – SAMCA administers, promotes and organises Masters cycling in South Australia. In order to race you need to join one of the local cycling clubs. See the come and try section if you don’t want to commit right away.

Q – How much does it cost?

ANSWER – Each club has it’s own pricing structure and membership runs yearly to 31st December. The bulk of the cost is in fact insurance and is dictated by the AVCC (Australian Veterans Cycling Council) who govern Masters cycling in Australia. You are required to register via the AVCC website where you will be presented with options to join the club of your choice, as well as the type of licence you require. Please visit the AVCC website and select the MEMBERSHIP button.

Once you are a member  of an AVCC affiliated club, you are able to compete in any events put on by another similarly affiliated club.

Q – How old do I need to be?

ANSWER – You need to turn 30 years old in the year of racing. There’s no upper age limit – we have 80+ year olds racing!

Q - How fit do I need to be?

Answer – Simply put, as fit as you want to be. Riders are graded to their abilities, and whether you are a brand new rider or a Strava King, there will be a grade for you.

Q – What equipment do I need?

Answer – A roadworthy bike, Australian approved standard helmet and cycling kit. Most racing is conducted on public roads and so subject to Australian Road Rules

Q – Can I video or photograph my race?

Answer – As of late 2019, the AVCC removed the ban on video recording by a rider. Consequently, a camera may be securely placed on a bike during any official club event. This includes the like of GoPros, Fly6 and Fly12, Garmin and other bike specific cameras. NOTE..   any camera MUST be securely and safely mounted to the bike or person, BUT helmet mounted cameras will not be allowed.

Q – Am I covered by any insurances whilst racing?

Answer – Yes..  details are provided in the documents section.

Q – Are there rules?

Answer – YES….  In order to both keep you and your fellow riders safe, as well as complying with insurance and South Australian road rules requirements, an extensive set of rules govern racing. These can be seen in the website Legal and Race Information section.

Q – Veterans, masters, SAMCA, AusCycling. AVCC .. I’m confused!!!

Answer – As of November 2020, a new organisation has been formed called AusCycling. The aim is to incorporate all cycling disciplines under one licence, including road, track, cyclocross, mountain bike and BMX. Australian Veterans Cycling Council will continue to exist however for the purpose of encouraging masters racing. The 2 organisations will still require separate licences. SAMCA riders require an AVCC licence

Q – Why 2 licences when the same age groups are represented in both organisations?

Answer – Good question, and one which is much debated! As of November 2020, Auscycling came into existence with the aim of unifying the cycling world and offering all disciplines under a single licence. However, a number of AVCC clubs have chosen to not transfer over to AusCycling and so we remain with 2 separate licencing entities.

Q – Do you give prize money and/or trophies?

Answer – Yes, depending on the race, winners are rewarded for their efforts. Open events usually pay prize money, whereas championship events present medals. SAMCA also run a yearly points competition and the top 16 riders will receive bonus prize money.

Q – What times of the year can I race?

Answer – the clubs usually hold races all year long and SAMCA will designate a number events per year that count towards the overall award points. Criteriums are the exception and only run from October till February.

Q – What disciplines are offered?

Answer – Road racing is the primary focus of SAMCA. Races are generally graded, handicapped, criteriums or time trial. There are also yearly championships in each of these disciplines.

Q – Where do races happen?

Answer – Depending on the club hosting the race, these can be in the McLaren Vale area, Outer Harbor, or In the Adelaide Hills. Criteriums are generally held at Victoria Park, Adelaide. There is also occasional racing in Milang and TTs are often held in Woodchester.

Q – I don’t do hills…/…I love hills…

Answer –  The calendar committee are careful to choose a variety of terrain when planning events to offer the broadest spectrum of racing options. Courses range from dead flat (eg Outer Harbor) to decidedly lumpy to very hilly. Take your pick!

Q – How do I check what races are upcoming?

Answer – Check out the calendar in the menu above

Q – How do I enter a race and what are the payment options?

Answer – Race nominations are usually accepted up to the Thursday preceding the race. each club manages it’s own nomination system but all prefer electronic submission via a web form. If not possible, you may email/phone the club handicapper as per directions on the club website. Payments may be requested at time of nomination, or on the day of the race when you register. Cost is currently $15 per race entry plus a transponder hire charge of $10 if you don’t own one. You may race without one, but might not be eligible for any prize money if the officials cannot identify you at the finish.

Q – What about results

Answer – The clubs all use electronic timing systems and your ride is recorded via a transponder fitted to your fork. Clubs endeavour to publish full results of each race their website as soon as possible after the race has been completed, often by the time prize giving has taken place. a full searchable database is also maintained by SAMCA on this website.

Q – Are you on Facebook?

Answer – Yes, see Home page for the links

Q – Am I eligible for any national events?

Answer – Yes, any event held under the auspices of the AVCC qualifies you as an entrant.

Q – What about international events?

Answer – In 2005 the AVCC became affiliated to the International Cycling Federation (ICF), an international body that caters for veteran cyclists who wish to ride outside of UCI jurisdiction. The body has its headquarters in Belgium, the President being Rik Vandeputte. There are a number of national bodies affiliated to the ICF, among the largest being the Belgium Veteran body and the British League of Veteran Racing Cyclists (LVRC). AMCC riders are welcome to ride with these bodies and other affiliates and there are a large number of European events to choose from. However, because of current insurance complications, any AMCC members wishing to race with these bodies should first contact the secretary of the AMCC before proceeding abroad, but everyone should ensure they have their own travel insurance.