There is a series of 12 races throughout the year of which count 10 towards the SAMCA consistency award. Further to that, clubs hold their own events through the year.

The majority of races are run on public roads in and around Adelaide but a few, like criteriums, are run on a closed track.

Each SAMCA featured race is hosted by one of the 2 local clubs, SVCC or AMCC. Points for placing in these events are accumulated through the year and the top 10 riders at the end are presented with bonus prize money.

The races are formatted as one of the following :

  • Graded scratch races (GSR) – Riders are grouped according to abilities and compete only within their group. Grade extend from A through to F or even G if entries are large.
  • Handicaps – Again riders are grouped by ability, but compete against the whole pack, having been started at different times. Often the riders will be split into to 2 separate divisions.
  • TT – Individual riders compete in their age groups for fasted times.
  • Criterium – as per GSR but generally on a closed track. There are also team events held.


The AVCC permits 2 come and try events before you are required to become a financial racing member. You may contact any of the 3 clubs directly and race their local events, it does not have to be a SAMCA featured event. Membership runs annually from January to December.

As of the 2020 season, so long as you have a valid AVCC racing license you are permitted to race in any club event regardless of what club you are a member of. You will only have to pay the respective club nomination fees.

CAMS (Classic Adelaide Masters Series)

The CAMS series is an annual event held during the Tour Down Under week in January. Arguably the flagship event for SAMCA, it attracts racers from all states in Australia and regularly caters for 150 or more riders. There are a number of events, namely a TT, Road Race, Hill Climb and a Criterium over the course of the TDU week. Individual prizes and a medals are awarded within each event, as well as an overall winners trophy at the final presentation. The individual events (TT and hill climb) are generally run in age group format, whilst the Road Race and Criterium are GSRs.

Started in 1999, in conjunction with the first Tour down Under in Adelaide, CAMS will be celebrating it’s 20th anniversary next year. The even has run under various names and formats in the past. The very first event was a single handicapped road race with with the finish line under the TDU banner, and organised by race director Wolf Harder. History has it that the winner was a Tasmanian gentleman, who whilst was seen starting with the peloton, was mysteriously not seen again till he re-emerged, triumphant and ahead of the pack by some way, to claim the $700 purse. Of course there was speculation and complaint, but no evidence forthcoming as to any misgivings, so the prize was awarded!

Following on from work by previous members like Audrey Donsen and Raey de Ross, for the past decade, Robert Freak (the Race Director and current SAMCA vice president) has been instrumental in maintaining the momentum of the event and promoting it to national status.

Tour of Goolwa (Now an Aus Cycling event)

Whilst not a SAMCA organised event, the ToG should be highlighted as a premier event for all SAMCA member cyclists. A 2 day format see riders participate in a team time trial, a flat (but usually windy) road race, a race merely known as ‘the one with that hill’, and finally a hill climb up the deceptive Crows Nest climb. As a team centric event, tactics play a large part in each race as teams strive to get their best sprinters and climbers into the leaderboards. The event is usually held in February.

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