Races in South Australia are run as one of the following formats :

  • Graded scratch races (GSR) – Riders are grouped according to abilities and compete only within their group. Grade extend from A through to F or even G if entries are large.
  • Handicaps – Again riders are grouped by ability, but compete against the whole pack, having been started at different times. Often the riders will be split into to 2 separate divisions.
  • TT – Individual riders compete in their age groups for fasted times. Team TTs are also held occasionally
  • Criterium – as per GSR but on a closed track. There are also team criterium events held.

The AVCC permits 2 come and try events before you are required to become a financial racing member. You may contact either of clubs directly and race their local events. Membership runs annually from January to December.

As of the 2020 season, so long as you have a valid AVCC racing license you are permitted to race in any club event regardless of what club you are a member of. You will only have to pay the respective club nomination fees.

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