WELCOME  everyone to the 20th year of CAMS & Teaming with the Tour Down Under’s 21st year.

The dynamic CAMS Committee has been working at a level of excellence for many years & I will introduce you to them.

Geoff Hillman – CAMS Handicapper (SDVLCC)
Jeff Geisler – SAMCA/CAMS Treasurer (SDVLCC)
Leen Nieuwenhoven  (VLCC)
Philip Norris (VLCC)
Julie Jahmes-Freak – decade of experience CAMS/SAMCA & a valuable female perspective.

The committee works closely with the AVCC to produce their largest flagship event with considerably more registrations than the Nationals. We deliberately provide AVCC riders with graded races to give everyone a good opportunity. This seems to work well.  It’s great we have so many interstate riders again.

This year each event carries the name of one of our major sponsors.  You will have the chance to meet them & hopefully thank them for their contribution as they will be making some of the presentations.

So this year we have added 2 events – Sprints & Hill Climb & introduced a sprint lap into each Crit grade as well as KOM at the top of Willunga Hill.

YES you will be riding the same hill as the professionals in TDU.

Please stay around at your presentation as there are some great random draw prizes if you are there to collect it.

The CAMS committee has thrown around ideas for next year – how about a Team Time Trial from each state?  Or a day on the Velodrome ? like we used to have.  Please give us your feedback on all that we are providing & some suggestions for the future.

As  Race Director, I thank all Referees, Marshals,& volunteers who have assisted at these events.

Enjoy the competition & safe cycling

Robert Freak