SAMCA has been in existence since 1997, and as with cycling tech and design, has had to change with the times. We have bicycles with disk brakes, we have new frame designs every year, we have updated groupsets.

The SAMCA website was designed a while ago on a now obsolete platform and had become a monster to manage. Unlike a classic old steel-frame, it also looked dated and visitors had little reason to be attracted to it.

So, the answer was a complete rethink and redesign using up-to-date technology. Here are some of the highlights..

  • easy navigation and less clutter
  • better graphical design highlighting upcoming events
  • easier to read news sections
  • easy access to event information via the calendar
  • improved online nomination


A major feature is the new calendar. SAMCA will now display not only open events, but all club events, including the criterium season. A visitor can now click on an event and not only see everything they need to regarding it, but will be able to click directly through to the club nomination page. The visitor will also be able to see all upcoming events on a single page and be able to choose where they want to race. Head over to the Calendar Menu.


Another new feature is the race results database. SAMCA will be maintaining a full searchable database of most races on the calendar. A rider will be able to look up a complete history of their racing. As yet, only 2018 results are loaded, but in time previous years will be added. Results can be seen under the Racing Menu.


The online nomination form now remembers rider information – simply log in using your AVCC licence number and all your details are pre-filled for you. Nominate access is via the Racing menu

General Info

You can find stuff about rules, consistency, photos and more under the SAMCA menu. There’s a comprehensive question and answer section to be found here as well for all you new riders.


We at SAMCA hope you enjoy the new experience and welcome any feedback.


Ride On, rubber side up, and all that!

The SAMCA committee

Please leave us some feedback - the handicapper need not know what you say 😉